Over the years, there have been many innovations when it comes to plumbing in Naples, FL or elsewhere. While it may be tempting to work with the current plumbing in your house or business, here are some of the reasons why you should consider incorporating new plumbing technology in your home, particularly if you are thinking of an overhaul.

Innovating Your Home Through Plumbing

Did you know that there are home automation systems that turn off sprinklers based on the weather report? There is also new technology that allows you to use “greywater,” the water you used when washing dishes or taking a bath, to flush your toilets. Even the subtlest of differences in your plumbing can make a drastic difference in terms of your overall quality of life as a homeowner. The changes that you make may even increase the value of the home as a result!

Cutting Business Costs Using Plumbing

For business establishments, antibacterial sinks and sensor-activated faucets have become must-haves, especially when sanitation is a concern. By reducing the amount of times that people touch them, the business is able to do their part in reducing the spread of germs and bacteria.

How Plumbing Advances Water Conservation

Innovations in plumbing technology are also seen to have a clear drive towards water consumption efficiency. You can see these “green” initiatives in water-saving features for pipes, shower, and drains. Hotels, in fact, can choose to install eco-efficient shower heads that can reduce water flow by a maximum of 20% compared to traditional showerheads. They can also install LED lights in toilets, so the guest doesn’t have to turn on the light just to use the bathroom. Not only do you save money by cutting down on water consumption and electricity, you also help save the environment as well.

Why Experience Matters

However, these innovations will only prove futile when installed by an inexperienced plumber. This is called the ‘plumber factor.’ Faulty installations can lead to frequent clogs and leaks, damaging budgets and causing a general inconvenience to everyone. While there is a need for repairs and maintenance from time to time, a highly experienced plumber in Naples, FL can make sure that the best services are rendered without the need for frequent reworking.