Whenever you use the bathroom, all those splashing, gurgling, and trickling sounds are all normal sounds you hear on the daily. But what does it mean when those noises occur when no one is using the bathroom or other water sources in your home? If you hear weird noises coming through your pipes, then there’s a good chance that it’s time to call a plumber in Naples, FL.

Trouble with Your Home’s Plumbing

Banging Pipes

The sound of pipes reverberating through the walls of your home is truly annoying. But when you hear these when your pipes are turned off, then it can be the warning signs of a piping issue. For instance, it might be telling you that your water pressure is too high.

Turning off a washing machine valve or a tap shuts down water flow, and these can lead to pressure waves slamming into that closed valve or pipe. In addition, it can also mean that your pipes are coming loose, leading them to hammer against the walls every time water flows through them.

Gurgling Toilet

This can indicate a faulty ballcock or a worn-out valve. The gasket in the cistern might need replacement, or the ballcock may be damaged as well. These need to be replaced before your experience flushing issues. In addition, unnatural sounds in your toilet can be symptoms of a more serious problem, such as a backed-up sewer line.

Tapping Taps

Ever hears actual tapping sounds when you’re not using water? These can even escalates to sounds similar to shrieking or squealing. These sound might be telling you that it’s time to spring for a new washer. In addition, the tap stem might also need lubrication.

Whistling Noises

Once you turn on a faucet or water valve, the only sounds you should hear should be of rushing or flowing water. But when this is accompanied by a flushing sound, then there might be an obstruction in your pipes. For instance your washer might be distorted, or you might have a loose brass screw on your hands.

Plumbing sounds out of the ordinary can mean trouble, and ignoring can give you unsanitary hazards and expensive problems down the road. Once you hear these strange noises, call the plumbing experts in Naples, FL so they can diagnose the problem correctly and apply timely and proper solutions.