Plumbing Tips: 4 Warning Signs You Should Never Turn a Blind Eye To

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We are often told not to ignore seemingly minor symptoms when it comes to our health. After all, even minor symptoms may be the beginning of something more sinister. The same logic can be applied to your home’s plumbing system.

Ignoring seemingly minor warning signs of a plumbing issue can often be disastrous for many homeowners in Naples, FL. From significant water damage restoration bills to mold infestations, issues can easily be avoided if you take the time to diagnose certain issues your plumbing system may be exhibiting. With that in mind, be sure to call a respected plumbing service, such as Mikes Plumbing of SW FLA., Inc, as soon as possible:

Plumbing Tips 4 Warning Signs

Slow Faucet Leak

A slow faucet leak may initially seem more like a nuisance than an actual problem at first. However, such a leak can cost you hundreds to even thousands of dollars a month! To get a better idea of how much water is going to waste, try catching the dripping water in a one-gallon container overnight. In the morning, the amount of water inside the container shows you how much water is wasted every night.

Frequent Toilet Tank Refills

If you hear your toilet tank constantly refilling itself, you may have a loose flapper inside the tank. Similar to a slow leak, a toilet that frequently refills its tank can lead to hundreds of additional dollars in your water bill. Replacing the flap is a relatively simple task, so you definitely shouldn’t procrastinate.

Gurgling Drains

When draining water, do you notice any gurgling sounds coming from the drain? This is a dangerous problem that will require the expertise of a professional plumber in Naples, FL. The sound you hear comes from pockets of air that build-up due to a clog that has formed deep within your pipes. If this blockage isn’t cleared soon, you risk a sewage backup in your home. Not only is this entail an expensive water damage repair bill, but it also exposes your family to a significant health risk.

Low Water Pressure

There are times when low water pressure can be attributed to an issue with the city water line. However, if you are experiencing low water pressure for extended periods of time, and your city government has not issued any warnings, you may be looking at a possible leak in your plumbing system. Have a plumber come in and help you locate the leak to prevent significant water damage to your home.