Toilet Installation

Toilet Installation Naples Florida

Toilet Installation in Naples

Installing a toilet typically requires the skills of a professional plumber. Without a working toilet, you'd definitely have some major waste problems. If you are lucky enough to have two bathrooms, you may be able to use your other toilet while waiting for the broken toilet to be fixed. Many things can go wrong with your toilet and here are a few:

Toilet Replacement

Sometimes the most cost-effective way to fix your broken toilet is to replace the whole thing. The older the toilet, the more expensive it may be to fix your issue. Many older toilets are not in stock anymore and the parts inside them are different than the newer units. Re-building your existing toilet is an option, but compare the cost and future maintenance of repairing vs replacing your toilet. Our plumbers can install your new toilet if you choose to replace it. We offer comfortable height toilets that have an elongated bowl and water savings of up to 30% over traditional models.

Clogged Toilet

Mike's Plumbing provides toilet clearing and toilet snaking. Nobody likes to flush the toilet and watch the water circle without draining. The worst is when plunging a toilet does not work! You may experience backs up and overflows that could spill onto your bathroom floor. Toilet clogs can be a real pain if the culprit is deep down in the pipes. You may need to consider drain clearing if you can not get the toilet to clear. We offer drain clearing, toilet snaking, and camera pipe inspections to find the culprit of the drain blockage.

Toilet Leaking at Base

One of the most common reasons your toilet is leaking at the bottom is a worn-out seal. many older toilets have wax seals that degrade over time allowing water to leak out. Newer toilet seals are made out of hard plastic and have a much longer life span. A few other reasons your toilet can be leaking at the base are; water supply hoses, mounting bolts, or cracks. Either way, our plumbers will be sure to fix your leaking toilet problem.

Flapper Replacement in Toilet

Toilet flappers hold the water inside the tank and release it when you press flush. Over time the plastic flapper may warp or disintegrate allowing water to leak into the toilet when it's not in use. This problem will cause your toilet to run on and off frequently and can increase your water bill. Luckily replacing the toilet flapper is an easy fix that our plumbers can do for you. If you are having trouble with your running toilet give us a call.

Broken Toilet Handle

Have you flushed your toilet and realized that it's not actually flushing? When the toilet handle is broken or stuck you may hear a few weird noises coming from inside the tank. Don't just jingle your toilet handle because that will not fix the problem, it could potentially make it worse. Your toilet handle chain may be broken or not connected to the flushing mechanism. We can repair your toilet handle and replace the chain.