How to Tell If Your Septic Tank Is Full

How to Tell If Your Septic Tank Is Full

Septic tanks. Most people don't know what they are, let alone how to tell if they are full or not. But as a homeowner, it is crucial that you identify when your septic tank is full and needs attention. Not only can a full septic tank cause unpleasant odors and clogged drains, but it also poses a health hazard to you and your family. In this blog, we will discuss how to tell if your septic tank is full and what to do if it needs service.

First Sign

The first sign that your septic tank may be full is if your toilets, showers, and sinks drain slowly. This is an indication that the wastewater isn't being appropriately processed by the septic tank, and now it's backing up into your home. This can cause issues with sewage being exposed to you, your family, and your home. If you notice slow drainage, it's best to act fast and call a professional plumber to assist you.

Second Sign

The second sign is an actual sewage backup, and this can become a catastrophe. If you notice sewage coming up through your sinks, toilets or showers, then it's a clear sign that your septic tank is full. Refrain from attempting to fix the problem yourself, as you might risk severe health problems. Instead, call a professional plumber instantly to handle the issue.

Third Sign

The third sign is the existence of bad odors emanating from your yard. This sign particularly applies if you notice it near your septic tank or drain field. It's crucial to note that your septic tank shouldn't emit any odors whatsoever. And if it does, it's another sure sign that it's full and needs attention from skilled professionals.

Fourth Sign

The fourth sign that displays a septic tank is full is a clogged drain. If your sink, toilet, and shower drains are still after running your septic tank may be the leading cause of the issue. This usually points to the need to pump the septic tank to remove the build-up and restore the drain capacity. If you notice this issue, it's a clear sign that it's time to call a professional plumbing service.

Last Sign

Finally, if your grass is excessively verdant and plush around the septic tank area, it's an indication that your septic tank is likely full. Excessive water can cause overwatering and stress the septic tank and its mechanisms. This can prevent the waste from being processed the way it should be, hence leading to the overall malfunction of the sytem.


In conclusion, as a homeowner, you need to be vigilant and know the tell-tale signs that your septic tank is full. Doing so can prevent any future disasters that could arise while providing peace of mind to you and your family. Always contact a knowledgeable plumbing service to inspect your septic tank if you notice any of the signs we've discussed. Furthermore, we are well-equipped and have the expertise to assist with all your residential plumbing needs, and we're always available. Be proactive – contact us today.