Water Heater Repair


Water Heater Repair & Replacement Naples Florida

  • Our water heater of choice is Rheem. We offer a full collection of tank-type water heaters and also tank-less water heaters. 
  • We can get any brand should a customer want something special. 
  • Our standard tank-type electric water heater is the Rheem Professional Classic Series. This water heater has a 6 year warranty on the tank and a full one year warranty from Mike's Plumbing. 
  • The Marathon Water Heater from Rheem has a lifetime warranty on the tank. 
  • The Rheem Hybrid Water Heaters are great for saving energy and will cool off the customer's garage. 
  • Water Heaters in a condo or multi-family home require a permit and inspection. If the water heater is plugged into the wall an electrician may be required. 
  • We allow 4 hours to the average water heater installation. Don't book more than two water heaters on one technician. 
  • We do install tankless electric units however they can not always be installed. In condos, there is often not enough power supply available. 

Water Heater Maintenance

Water Heater Flush 

It is good practice for a customer to flush their water heater once per year. If a water heater has never been flushed it may take additional work. Tankless heaters must be flushed to maintain the warranty

Tank-less Water Heater Flush 

Tank-less water heaters need to be flushed every year. it is best to set the homeowner up for repeat maintenance annually. They will need service valves installed if they don't have them currently. 

Water Heater Repair

Water Heater Leak

One of the most common types of water heater repairs is a water leak. Over years the water inside the water heater will start to corrode the tank. Microscopic cracks inside your tank won't be noticeable and can be damaging to your health.  

No Hot Water

Have you ever gone to go take a shower and realized your water is cold? This could be a number of things depending on the age and use. Bad circuit boards, electrical connections, or faulted heating elements could be some of the culprits. If your tank takes ages to reheat the water it could be too small for your household.

We repair and install electric water heaters only. 

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