What is an Essency Water Heater?

Essency Water Heater

Essency Water Heater Specs

What is an Essency Water Heater?  

The Essency Water Heater is changing the way we heat water. Unlike conventional water heaters that typically last only 6 to 8 years, the Essency EXR is constructed with a tough polymer material that boasts three times the lifespan of metal tanks and a 20-year warranty. Powerful Performance in a lightweight shell, The Essency packs the punch of an 80-gallon tank within a lightweight shell. This means you can enjoy  back-to-back hot showers with rock-solid temperature control. The secret lies in the unique design.  

When hot water is drawn, fresh domestic water passes through a heat exchanger. The water you use never mixes with the water stored in the core tank, which acts as the heat source. The result? Immediate hot water for your entire household. The Essency EXR operates differently from other water heaters as it doesn't consume the 55 gallons of water stored in the tank. Instead, this "static water" acts as a heat storage medium. When you draw hot water, the domestic water is routed through the heat exchanger, where the heat from the water in the storage tank is instantly transferred to the domestic water, providing you with hot water directly from the tap. 

The Essency EXR's tank is filled only once during the unit's initial installation, and the water remains in it throughout the water heater's lifespan. Additionally, the tank is constructed of a polymer composite material, preventing the formation of scale inside. This not only extends the tank's longevity by decades but also prolongs the lifespan of other critical components, such as the heating elements. 

Does The Essency Water Heater Work In Florida? 

The Essency is a great choice for Florida as our ground water is on average 70 degrees. This means we only need to raise the water Temperature by 50 degrees F to achieve 120-degree water. Since the Essency is capable of a 90 degree rise in Temperature it should perform very well in SW Florida.  

Essency Water Heater Reviews: 

As a relatively new product in the market, it can be difficult to find reviews for the Essency.  We have scoured the web and found that the reviews for the Essency Water Heater are predominantly positive. If you are looking you can find several on Reddit. After reading all the reviews we could find I have to say they are very similar to Electric Tankless Water Heater Reviews. 

One notable aspect to consider is that similar to tankless water heaters, the performance of the Essency Water Heater is dependent on the gallons of water per minute being used. This means that if only one person is using the water heater, the water will be very hot. However, as additional taps are turned on, the water temperature may decrease. Nevertheless, data suggests that the Essency Water Heater outperforms both tankless and traditional tank water heaters in overall performance. 

Water Heater Model Comparison Chart

It's important to bear in mind that by choosing the Essency Heater, you are an early adopter of this innovative technology. Like any new product, there may be occasional bugs, potential changes, and future upgrades. However, considering the impressive claims and benefits it offers, we believe that the risk is worthwhile, especially considering the current price point. 

Essency vs. Tankless: 

In terms of size, the Essency Water Heater does take up more space compared to a standard tankless water heater. However, it compensates for this by delivering a higher volume of gallons per minute of hot water without needing to upgrade the power source. 

While tankless water heaters provide an endless supply of hot water, the Essency Water Heater offers outstanding performance as well. When operating at its peak performance, the Essency Water Heater provides an impressive 80 gallons of hot water within the first hour before needing to recover. Furthermore, based on consumer reviews, the recovery time for the Essency Water Heater is significantly quicker compared to a standard tank water heater. 

Although it shares a characteristic with tankless water heaters regarding water temperature fluctuations, it surpasses both tankless and traditional tank water heaters in overall performance.  

If you are considering upgrading your water heating experience with the Essency Water Heater contact us at Mike's Plumbing of SW FLA for more information or to schedule an installation. Embrace the Essency Water Heater and discover the optimal solution for your hot water needs