Say Goodbye to Clogged Bathtubs Once and for All

Say Goodbye to Clogged Bathtubs Once and for All

There’s nothing more frustrating than standing ankle-deep in dirty water while showering or taking a bath. A clogged bathtub can put a damper on your day and can be a real nuisance that can potentially cause bigger problems. Not only can it make your bathroom smell bad, but it can also lead to water damage if left untreated. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent and fix a clogged bathtub that can save you time and money in the long run.

Avoiding Clogged Bathtubs

Prevention is key when it comes to avoiding clogged bathtubs. One of the best ways to prevent this problem is to be mindful of what you’re putting down your drain. Hair is one of the biggest culprits for bathtub clogs, so it’s important to try and catch as much hair as possible before it goes down the drain. You can do this by using a drain catcher that you can easily find at your local hardware or plumbing store.

Another way to prevent clogged bathtubs is to avoid putting any food, grease, or foreign objects down the drain. Through diligent care, you can keep your drains running smoothly and avoid the inconvenience and expense of clogged bathtubs.

DIY Bathtub Clog Fix

If you find yourself with a clogged bathtub, there are ways to fix it yourself before seeking plumbing services. Start with boiling hot water. Pouring this down your bathtub drain could potentially dislodge the clogs. Alternatively, you can use a plunger or a drain snake to loosen the clogs. These items are also available at your local hardware or plumbing store.

Chemical Drain Cleaners vs. Natural Drain Cleaners

Chemical drain cleaners are one of the most popular ways to fix a clogged drain, but they’re not always the best method. Chemical drain cleaners can be harsh on your pipes and can actually make the clog worse if not used correctly. Furthermore, these chemicals can be harmful to the environment and can be toxic if ingested or inhaled.

Natural drain cleaners, on the other hand, are a safer and more environmentally friendly choice. They’re also usually safer for your plumbing due to their gentler ingredients. You can make your natural drain cleaner using vinegar, baking soda, and hot water, which are all safe materials that you can easily find around your home.

When to Seek Plumbing Services

If the above methods fail to solve your clogged bathtub issues, then it's probably time to call in the professionals. A licensed plumber like Mike's Plumbing of SWFL can assess the problem and provide you with the best solution for your needs. They also have the necessary tools and knowledge to diagnose the problem and fix it quickly and efficiently.


Don't let a clogged bathtub get the best of you. With easy preventive measures, you can avoid the frustration and expense of clogged drains. Boiling water, a plunger, or a drain snake can all help with a DIY fix, but if these measures fail, reputable plumbing services can help provide a permanent solution. Whatever method you choose, remember the importance of avoiding harsh chemicals and embracing natural, eco-friendly ingredients to ensure a safer and more effective solution. With a bit of effort and care, you can say goodbye to clogged bathtubs once and for all.