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Re-piping Project

When to consider a re-pipe: Southwest Florida is especially hard on your home’s plumbing pipes. In particular corrosive elements in water, defects in materials and & poor workmanship can cause many issues with Polybutylene, Copper & CPVC systems. Often times when we are called in our customers have already made multiple repairs to their pipes which are already adding up to hundreds or thousands of dollars. The good news is a plumbing re-pipe is actually much less evasive that you might think. Typically a plumbing re-pipe can be completed in a single day. At Mike’s Plumbing we can work with you to find solutions that fit both your budget and needs. We complete many of these projects every year and we have seen it all. We would be happy to provide a free consultation over the phone.


What type of material should I use on my re-pipe?

At Mike’s Plumbing we highly recommend Viega PEX piping for your project. As you undoubtedly do your own research on this you may find many conflicting opinions on this subject. It is important to keep in mind our geographical location when doing your research, as different areas of the country tend to experience different problems. As a service company dealing with these problems on a daily basis I can tell you that we almost never run into a failure on a properly installed PEX system.

A common material used by other companies is CPVC pipe. CPVC pipe is very inexpensive from a material standpoint. Unfortunately CPVC pipe like copper in the Naples area, has its own set of issues. Over time CPVC pipe has proven to become very brittle. It is not uncommon for the hot lines in particular to become extremely fragile. In addition to this improper installations have often led to failures. The truth is we are already replacing CPVC systems in homes built as recently as the mid 90’s. Copper systems can be great when a heavy copper such as type L or K is used in your home. For most people however the expense of a copper installation alone is the biggest deterrent.

How many holes will be made in my house?

We always do our best to limit the amount of damage done to walls and living areas. During our walk through we will form a plan to limit the amount of holes cut and restoration required. When possible we run new lines inside closets, vanities or in some cases outside of the home. Every home is different and we will consult you prior to starting to ensure you are fully informed before we start. You can rest assured that we will treat your home as if it was our own.

What will a Whole Home Re-pipe cost?

We would be happy to provide you with a FREE estimate on your project. The average cost for a re-pipe in Naples is usually between $3600.00 and $8,000.00. This depends on the size of the home, cost of permits, number of fixtures, materials used and accessibility. We do have options available that would allow you to pay over time.

Would this be a good time to upgrade my plumbing fixtures and faucets?

Yes it would. All of your fixtures will be disconnected during the installation and reconnected when we are complete. If you had been thinking about making some updates to your plumbing this is the perfect time to save on installation labor and permitting fees as we could treat it as one project.

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